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* [ Dial-up handshaking illustrated]
* [ Dial-up handshaking illustrated]
* [ DIY cell phone]
* [ DIY cell phone]
* [ Why your cell phone doesn't have a dial tone]

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File Format
Name Telephony
Released 1876

Old-timey telephone

Old-timey telephone

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, it has been a major feature in our lives, evolving from wired "Plain Old Telephone Service" (POTS) to now support a whole range of mobile phone protocols and Internet-based Voice Over IP (VOIP). AT&T introduced picturephones in 1964, but they didn't catch on then; however, various forms of video chatting are now commonplace to accompany traditional voice-only telephony.

See also Address books and contacts for formats used to store contact lists on mobile phones, and Audio and Music and Video for formats used to store sounds and moving images.

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