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I'm not sure what the "CORE3D / Coreona 3D" entry is supposed to refer to. The exact entry text, CORE3D - Coreona 3D Coreona 3D Virtual File (.core3d) appears verbatim in several sites (googleable) indicating that somebody copied and pasted it all over the net, including into this site apparently, but it seems a bit confused, naming "Coreona 3D" twice in a row (the program so nice they named it twice?). There are a number of different things named "Core3D" or "Coreona 3D" or "Corona 3D" (perhaps Coreona is a misspelling of that?), and it's unclear which if any actually has files with a .core3d extension. Dan Tobias (talk) 05:04, 14 October 2019 (UTC)

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