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General description

This page describes one of several known SDF file formats, and at least two formats called simple data format. This one is described as a "simple data publishing format (Simple Data Format) for publishing and sharing data". (Note: in this wiki the characters "-DPT" have been arbitrarily added to distibguish this Simple Data Format from the Simple Data format created earlier by George H Fisher). It is created by the Data Protocols Team (in 2011?), whose manifesto is at This does not however identify the Data Protocols Team or its affiliations.

The draft specification is at The format's focus is simlicity and web usage. It is based on CSV for the base data and JSON for schema, metadata and lined data aspects.

Other information

There is no know Wikipedia page for the Data Protocols Team or this version of the Simple Data Format.


Not known.

Sample files

Not known.


The file extension and MIME Type are not known.


Apart from the manifesto and specification, nothing is known.

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