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* [[Konvertor]]
* [[Konvertor]]
* [[XnView]] (Supports some .92i files, at least)
* [[XnView]] (Supports some .92i files, at least)
* [http://entropymine.com/deark/ Deark]
* {{Deark}}
* [http://imageconverter.rest7.com/ Rest7 Online Image Converter]
* [http://imageconverter.rest7.com/ Rest7 Online Image Converter]

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File Format
Name TI picture file
Extension(s) .73i, .82i, .83i, .8xi, .85i, .86i, .89i, .92i, .9xi, .v2i

TI picture file is a family of bi-level raster image formats used with Texas Instruments calculators. A picture file is a kind of TI variable file that contains a variable of type "picture".

There is a version of the format for each model of TI calculator. About three or four of the versions are meaningfully different.


[edit] Identification

All TI files begin with an 8 byte ASCII signature that starts with "**TI" and indicates the version or model, for example "**TI92**" or "**TI83F*".

Picture files use a filename extension that ends with the letter "i".

There are also "group" files, whose extension ends with "g". A group file contains multiple variables, one or more of which may be images.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

  • ticalc.org archives → [model] → basic → media → images
    • Or sometimes [model] → basic → graphics
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