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File Format
Name Statistica
Extension(s) .sta, .css, .stg, .str, .sdm, .sti, .spf, .dmrproj, .smx, .scr, .svb, .svx, .svc, .svo, .snn, .stw
PRONOM fmt/210

STATISTICA is a statistical package, developed by StatSoft Inc. Its first release (STATISTICA/DOS) dates back to 1991. The current (2012) release is STATISTICA 11. It was preceded by the package CSS (Complete Statistical System), which was first released in 1987.

The following file formats are used by STATISTICA:

  • STA Spreadsheet File / Version 5 Spreadsheet File
  • STW Statistica Workbook Files
  • CSS Version 5 Spreadsheet File
  • STG Graph file
  • STR Report File - fmt/210, extension of the RTF format.[1]
  • SDM Data Miner Project File
  • STI In-place Database File
  • SPF Project File
  • DMRPROJ Data Miner Recipes Project File
  • SMX Matrix File
  • SCR Scrollsheet File (version 5)
  • SVB Visual Basic (Macro) File
  • SVX Visual Basic (Macro) File
  • SVC Visual Basic (Macro) File
  • SVO Visual Basic (Macro) File
  • SNN SNN File

On a side note, STATISTICA's predecessor CSS also used a spreadsheet format with the .css extension (source: the original author of this entry used the software in the mid-'90s while being a student), but it is unclear if the actual format is identical to the one used by STATISTICA.

Sample files

Statistica sample files


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