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* [ LightLang]
* [ LightLang]
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* [ stardict2odict], converter to [[ODict]]
* [ KTranslator]
== Sample Files ==
== Sample Files ==

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File Format
Name StarDict
Extension(s) .ifo, .dict, .idx, .syn
Released 2003[1]

StarDict is a program for reading language dictionaries (AKA glossaries), written by Hu Zheng. It was intended as a successor to StarDic. Its dictionary format consists of an info file with extension ".ifo", a data file with the extension ".dict" (commonly compressed with Dzip to become ""), an index file with extension ".idx", and a synonyms file with the extension ".syn". This is not to be confused with the Dictd format, also uses a data file with a ".dict" or "" extension, but has nothing else besides an index file, for which it uses the extension ".index" instead of ".idx".

The latest StarDict version, as of 2020, is from 2015.[2]


[edit] Identification

.ifo files begin with either StarDict's treedict ifo file or StarDict's dict ifo file.[3] The others do not seem to have anything that could serve as a definite identifier.

StarDict's .dict files can be distinguished from Dictd's by that only the latter are completely plaintext files.

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample Files

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[edit] Notes

  1. "[S]peculation" online being that this was the result of the program's downloads including copyrighted dictionaries (Wikipedia:Talk:StarDict#Copyright_Infringement_Complaints)

[edit] References

  1. Changelog file ("ChangeLog"); "StarDict1.33+" apparently refers to StarDic
  3. sdcv source → sec/stardict_lib.cpp → DictInfo::load_from_ifo_file
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