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Squash files (file type FCA, Squash) contain compressed data for single files on RISC OS systems.


According to the help text for the Squash application, "The Squash module currently compresses using a 12-bit LZW algorithm but no guarantee is made that this will be so in the future."

The compressed data is preceded by a header, with offsets measured in bytes and all values stored in little-endian byte order:

Offset Description
0 "SQSH" (4 byte ID)
4 Length of the original, uncompressed file in bytes
8 Load address of the original file
12 Execution address of the original file
16 Reserved (should be 0)

As with a number of data formats related to filing systems on RISC OS, the load and execution addresses are actually used to hold the file type and date stamp of the original file.


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