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(List of Places Keeping Track of Formats)
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* - PC98 disk image formats (Japanese)
* - PC98 disk image formats (Japanese)
* - Amiga file formats
* - Amiga file formats
* - contains Nintendo GameCube file formats
* - files related to the Nintendo Wii
* - file formats related to the Mario Kart games

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If you're looking for places to pull either file format information, or to verify stuff you've found, or to go that extra mile to track down variations, here's some similar endeavors and items.

[edit] List of Places Keeping Track of Formats

[edit] Emulation

  • - Emulator listing for various computer formats, including MESS and single-machine emulators.
  • The Emulation Framework is software developed by the international KEEP project, co-funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme.

[edit] Books

[edit] Other Useful Materials and Services

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