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* [ Code chart]
* [ Code chart]
* [[Wikipedia:Shift JIS|Wikipedia article]]
* [[Wikipedia:Shift JIS|Wikipedia article]]

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File Format
Name Shift-JIS
Wikidata ID Q286345
IANA charset Shift_JIS
IANA aliases MS_Kanji, csShiftJIS
IANA MIBenum 17
CFStringEncoding 2561

Shift-JIS (Shift Japanese Industrial Standards) is an encoding primarily for Japanese characters, though Russian is also supported. It is based on JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208, with both one and two byte characters, using all 8 bits of the bytes with some parts of the character encodings shifted from their original positions in order to avoid conflicts. The 7-bit portion of the one-byte characters is mostly the same as ASCII, but with a yen sign added.

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