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== Other links ==
== Other links ==
* [ Official Scratch site]
* [ Official Scratch site]

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File Format
Name Scratch 1.4 File Format
Extension(s) .sb, .sprite

The Scratch 1.4 File Format saves projects in version 1.4 of the Scratch programming language, a language designed to teach programming to young children. Since the program code consists of graphical tiles rather than text-based source code, a binary format was used to save it, along with the associated objects which form part of a program project.

Scratch projects are stored in files with a .sb extension. They start with a 10-byte header containing the ASCII characters ScratchV02. Multi-byte numeric values within the file are stored in big-endian fashion.

A sprite file, with the extension .sprite, stores a sprite along with related variables and lists, in a format similar to the project file but without the header at the start.

Detailed documentation can be found in the Scratch wiki.

The Scratch 2.0 File Format switched to the use of ZIP-compressed JSON.

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