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|thiscat=Quattro Pro
|thiscat=Quattro Pro
|extensions={{ext|wq1}}, {{ext|wq2}}, {{ext|wb1}}, {{ext|wb2}}, {{ext|wb3}}, {{ext|qpw}}
|extensions={{ext|wq1}}, {{ext|wq2}}, {{ext|wb1}}, {{ext|wb2}}, {{ext|wb3}}, {{ext|qpw}}

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File Format
Name Quattro Pro
Extension(s) .wq1, .wq2, .wb1, .wb2, .wb3, .qpw
PRONOM x-fmt/121, x-fmt/122, others

Quattro Pro is a spreadsheet program. Originally developed by Borland, current releases are sold by Corel.

[edit] Versions and identifiers

Format Version PRONOM Refer to
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet for DOS 1–4 x-fmt/121 WQ1
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet for DOS 5.0, 5.5 x-fmt/122 WQ2
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet for Windows 1, 5 fmt/834 WB1
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet for Windows 6 fmt/835 WB2
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet 7–8 fmt/836 WB3
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet 9–12, X3, X4 fmt/837 QPW

[edit] Software support

As of 2014, the Quattro Pro formats aren't well supported. Microsoft Excel dropped support for all the above formats in Excel 2010, whereas LibreOffice and OpenOffice only support Quattro Pro for Windows, version 6.0 files. Quattro Pro itself (which is now part of the WordPerfect Office suite) still reads all formats, although support of the DOS formats has some limitations. See this blog post for more details.

[edit] References

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