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| name          = Quake .pak
| name          = Quake PAK
| formattype    = electronic
| formattype    = electronic
| subcat        = Game data files
| subcat        = Game data files

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File Format
Name Quake PAK
Extension(s) .pak
Kaitai Struct Spec quake_pak.ksy

Quake .pak is the container file format for storing game assets in versions 1 and 2 of ID Tech game engine and some derivatives of it, including following games:

Later Id Tech games (starting from Quake 3/ID Tech 3) switched to ZIP format with .pk3 extension.


This file format is very simple. File starts with PACK magic string (4 octets), then 4-byte offset to file table and 4-byte length (measured in bytes) of it.

File table consists of entries consisting of:

  • file name, including path: 56-byte null-terminated string. No leading slash.
  • file contents offset (from beginning of .pak file), 4 bytes
  • file contents length

All numbers are little-endian.


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