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* [[XnView]] (format named QRT or DIS)
* [[XnView]] (format named QRT or DIS)
* [[Tom's Viewer]]
* [[Tom's Viewer]]
== Sample files ==
* https://telparia.com/fileFormatSamples/image/qrt/

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File Format
Name QRT Ray Tracer bitmap
Extension(s) .raw, .qrt, .dis
Released 1989

QRT Ray Tracer bitmap is the default output format of the QRT Ray Tracer (also known as Quick Ray Tracer or QRT) software. It is an uncompressed truecolor raster image format.

This format is also used by the DKBTrace (DKB Ray Tracer) software, which uses a default filename of data.dis.


[edit] Format

Files have a 4-byte header, containing the width and height. Each row has a 2-byte prefix containing the row number.

[edit] Identifiers

The QRT Ray Tracer software uses the .raw filename extension for this format. Some third-party applications use .qrt, though this conflicts with QRT Ray Tracer scene description format.

[edit] See also

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

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