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(Programming languages)
(Programming languages)
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* [[CEEMAC]]
* [[CEEMAC]]
* [[CFEngine]]
* [[CFEngine]]
* [[CHIP-8]]
* [[ChordQL]]
* [[ChordQL]]
* [[Clipper (programming language)]]
* [[Clipper (programming language)]]

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File Format
Name Programming Languages
Released ~1950

Babbage's Difference Engine

Babbage's Difference Engine

Programming languages are languages expected to be executed (interpreted, compiled, etc.) by a machine in order to perform operations or algorithms. They are distinct from markup languages, which represent the structure of a document rather than specific operations to be performed, though it is possible to combine both in a document (e.g., HTML containing embedded JavaScript, or PHP code which includes HTML). Programming language code is stored as source code which may be directly interpreted by a machine or compiled or assembled into executables.


[edit] Programming languages

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[edit] Templates, macros, preprocessors, etc.

For additional macro formats, especially binary formats, see Executables#Macros or automated scripting.

See also Web#Scripts/Applets/Plug-Ins/Frameworks/APIs.

See Wikipedia:Category:Template engines for another list of template systems.

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