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File Format
Name ProRes
LoCFDD fdd000528
PRONOM fmt/797
Wikidata ID Q47246311
Released 2019

ProRes (Apple ProRes RAW, Apple ProRes RAW HQ) is a video codec family introduced by Apple. The "RAW" name associated with it is a somewhat generic one used for a number of image and video formats generally used for unprocessed output of digital cameras. Some speculation on the reason for such formats being written as "RAW" in all uppercase, when this isn't actually an acronym, has been done in places like the LoC FDD document and Stack Exchange, where the consensus seems to be that this distinguishes "RAW" as a file format label (albeit not completely specific since there are a number of such formats) from "raw" as a more general description of rawness, inspired by the fact that many other file formats are uppercased (though they're usually acronyms). Also, filenames, including their extensions, were often in all uppercase in the old-time DOS era, including "RAW" as an extension (though this Apple format doesn't actually generally use that extension, being a codec found within other file types such as MOV and MXF).

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