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* [[Konvertor]]
* [[Konvertor]]
* [[XnView]] (may not allow .bin file extension)
* [[XnView]] (may not allow .bin file extension)
* [[Tom's Editor Desktop]]
== Sample files ==
== Sample files ==

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File Format
Name Printfox bitmap
Extension(s) .bs, .pg, .gb, .bin
Released 1986

Printfox (or Printfox/Pagefox) bitmap is a raster graphics format associated with the Printfox and Pagefox desktop publishing programs for the Commodore 64. Most of the information about it is in German.

There are at least 3 formats of Printfox/Pagefox images. All are RLE-encoded:

.BG with resolution 640x400, the first byte is 'G' (0x47)

.BS with resolution 320x200, the first byte is 'B' (0x42)

.PG with resolution 8x8 up to 640x800, the first byte is 'P' (0x50)

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