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File Format
Name Pegasus Mail
Extension(s) .pm, .pm$, .pm!, .pmc, .pmd, .pmi, .pmm, .pmr, .pms, .pnd, .pnc, .pnl, others
Released 1990

Pegasus Mail is a mail program for PC/MS-DOS and Windows. It has been around since the early 1990s, and is still being developed. A wide range of files are used for storing messages, message folders, configuration settings, address books, and other things. The files will usually be found beneath a root-level directory named PMAIL. One feature of Pegasus Mail is its ability to run on any compatible system without needing to install anything into its operating system or hard disk, so the program and data for Pegasus can be stored on a thumb drive or other movable unit and run on different PCs.

A program called "Rescom" is used to compile resource files for Pegasus; advanced users might need to use it to do things like set up embedded quote files.

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