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File Format
Name PaintShop Pro
Extension(s) .psp, .pspimage, .jbr, .pspbrush, .jsl, .pfr, .tub, others
PRONOM fmt/349, others
Released 1990

PaintShop Pro has been a fairly popular commercial graphic program since the 1990s. Originally released as "Paint Shop" by JASC Software, it soon became PaintShop Pro (with "PaintShop" officially written as one CamelCased word, though it's often written unofficially as two words). In 2004, it was acquired by Corel.

Many standard graphic formats including GIF, JPEG, and PNG are supported, but there is also a native PaintShop Pro format. These files, stored in a format allowing the preservation of the distinct layers of a PSP image for editing, are normally found with the extension .psp (or sometimes .pspimage in later versions), but some other specialized image types with other extensions are also used.

See also PaintShop Pro Browser Cache.



File extensions

  • .psp is the traditional extension used for PaintShop Pro native-format images.
  • .pspimage is used in some later versions of PSP for images (previously stored in .psp files).
  • .jbr is used for brushes.
  • .pspbrush is used by some PSP versions for brushes.
  • .jsl is used for shape files.
  • .pfr is used for frame files.
  • .tub is used for picture tube graphics files (objects which can be placed into images).


Paint Shop Pro Image x-fmt/19
Paint Shop Pro Image 3.0 x-fmt/233
Paint Shop Pro Image 4.00 x-fmt/377
Paint Shop Pro Image 5.0 x-fmt/234
Paint Shop Pro Image 6.0 x-fmt/297
Paint Shop Pro Image 7 x-fmt/298
Paint Shop Pro Image 8 x-fmt/376
Paint Shop Pro Image 9 fmt/348
Paint Shop Pro Image 10 fmt/349
PaintShopPro Browser Cache File fmt/217

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