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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [[Wikipedia:LHA_%28file_format%29#PMarc_extensions|Info in Wikipedia]]
* [[Wikipedia:LHA_%28file_format%29#PMarc_extensions|Info in Wikipedia]]
* [ Some sample PMA files (among other formats)]
* [ Original(?) implementations] (Japanese)
* [ Some sample PMA files (among other formats)] (archived from the original)

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File Format
Name PMA
Extension(s) .pma

PMA is a variant of the LHA archiving format, with the same basic structure but a different set of compression types. These compression types originated in the CP/M archiver PMarc, created by Miyo. PMA was a popular format on MSX computers.

It is not to be confused with the archives of the Precision Metalforming Association or the Pacific Maritime Association or the Polish Museum of America (all of which may come up in a search for "PMA archive").

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