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== References ==
== References ==
* [ Petscii (Wikipedia)]
* [ PETSCII (Wikipedia)]
* PETSCII to Unicode map: [ unshifted], [ shifted]
* PETSCII to Unicode map: [ unshifted], [ shifted]

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File Formats > Electronic File Formats > Character Encoding > PETSCII

PETSCII (or PET ASCII or CBM ASCII) is the variety of ASCII used on Commodore computers, including the PET, VIC-20, 64, and 128 (but not the Amiga line). It had two different modes, switchable by keyboard or program control, one containing only lowercase letters (along with numbers, punctuation, and many graphic characters) and the other ("text mode") containing both lower and upper case (but putting the lowercase letters where standard ASCII and even the other PETSCII mode have uppercase, and the uppercase letters in a different spot not corresponding to any sort of letters in standard ASCII).

PETSCII was based on the obsolete 1963 version of ASCII (even though the 1967 version was released long before PETASCII was devised), so some of its character differences from standard ASCII are attributable to this, but many others are Commodore-specific quirks, including the use of many characters in the set for various line-drawing and other graphical characters, as well as specialized control codes to do such things as change the color of text.


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