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== Software ==
== Software ==
* [ Netpbm]: pbmtonokia, with "<code>-fmt NPM</code>" option (write-only)
* [[Netpbm]]: pbmtonokia, with "<code>-fmt NPM</code>" option (write-only)
== Sample files ==
== Sample files ==
* [ KESSLER Wireless Design - Samples]
* [ KESSLER Wireless Design - Samples]

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File Format
Name Nokia Picture Message
Extension(s) .npm

Nokia Picture Message (or Nokia Phone Picture Message, NPM) is a bi-level raster image format used by some Nokia phones. NPM images are 72×28 pixels, though the format supports other sizes up to 255×255.


[edit] Format

Files begin with a header of at least 11 bytes. The header size depends on the size of a variable-length "text message" field.

[edit] Identification

Files begin with the ASCII string "NPM".

[edit] Software

  • Netpbm: pbmtonokia, with "-fmt NPM" option (write-only)

[edit] Sample files

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