Mind maps, Topic maps, etc.

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Formats specific to the storage and transmission of mind maps, topic maps and other diagrammatic creativity aids.

Concept maps

  • cdd (ConceptDraw file)
  • cdx (XML for ConceptDraw)
  • cmap (CMap Tools file format)

Mind maps

  • mm (Freemind format, used by some other software as well)
  • mmap (Mind Manager maps, zip file of XML since version 5
  • mmp (Mind Manager file format prior to version 5)
  • nmind (NovaMind file format)


  • OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language)

Topic maps

  • AsTMa* (Set of notations for topic maps)
  • GTM (Graphicla topic map notation, defined in ISO 13250-7)
  • LTM (Linear topic map notation)
  • XTM (XML serialisation of topic maps)
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