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* [ Microsoft Home Publishing 99 (archived)]
* [ Microsoft Home Publishing 99 (archived)]
* [ Marketing Video for Microsoft Home Publishing 2000]
* [ Marketing Video for Microsoft Home Publishing 2000]
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File Format
Name Microsoft Home Publishing
Extension(s) .php, .mhp

Microsoft Home Publishing was released in two versions, 99 & 2000. Software usually came bundled with MIX_(Picture_It!) software.

File Identification

This program confusingly uses the .php extension for its files, an extension commonly associated with the PHP programming language, so any attempts to search or sort these files based only on extension will likely have many false identifications, especially if the computer on which the files are located has been used for web development or hosting, where the PHP language is heavily used. If the files are in text format and contain something that looks like program code or web content, they're probably PHP language, not Microsoft Home Publishing.

PHP files are based on Microsoft Compound File format. Structure is very similar to the Microsoft Works 5-7 format.

PHP files can be opened by later versions of Microsoft Digital Image Suite.




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