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* Some (older) reverse engineered information [ here] and a Perl module [ here]
* Some (older) reverse engineered information [ here] and a Perl module [ here]
* [ Malicious Office macros are not dead]
* [ Malicious Office macros are not dead]
* [ MS Office 97-2003 legacy/binary formats security] - article with lots of resources on MS Office formats, including analysis techniques, tools and parsing libraries
== Editors' notes ==
== Editors' notes ==

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File Format
Name Microsoft Compound File
PRONOM fmt/111

Microsoft Compound File is a complex container format used by some versions of Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft applications. It has features similar to those of a filesystem format.

It is also known as Compound File Binary File Format (CFBF or CFB), Microsoft Compound Document File Format, OLE Compound Document Format, OLE2 Compound Document Format, etc.

The format was not publicly documented by Microsoft until 2008.

It is (or was?) inofficially known as LAOLA File Format.



Files begin with signature bytes D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1.


Programs, libraries, and utilities


Editors' notes

TODO: Explain the relationship between Compound File format and the format/technology called COM Structured Storage (or OLE Structured Storage).

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