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== Specifications ==
== Specifications ==
* [ Unofficial V2 specification]
* [ Unofficial V2 specification]
== Sample Files ==
== Sample Files ==

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File Format
Name Microsoft Agent character
Extension(s) .acs, .acf, .aca
Released 1997

Microsoft Agent was a Windows API, released in 1997 and abandoned by 2003[1], for creating animated characters (sometimes also called "agents") that would serve as part of a program's interface. It allowed for the creation of new characters, beyond the default provided by Microsoft.

Apparently there was both a "version 1" and "version 2" agent format.[2]


[edit] Extensions

Normal character files have the extension ".acs". For distribution online (from when a megabyte download would be too long a wait for most users), characters can be split into .acf files, containing the "core information" of the character; and .aca files, which contain individual animations.[3]

[edit] Identification

At least for version 2 files, ACS files begin with 0xAB 0xCD 0xAB 0xC3 and ACF files with 0xAB 0xCD 0xAB 0xC4; ACA files apparently begin with a minor version number[4].

[edit] Specifications

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[edit] References

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