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(Metadata formats)
(Metadata formats)
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* [[Desktop Services Store]] (.DS_Store)
* [[Desktop Services Store]] (.DS_Store)
* [[]]
* [[]]
* [[DOS/Windows file attributes]]
* [[EPOC AIF]]
* [[EPOC AIF]]
* [[Exif]]
* [[Exif]]

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File Format
Name Metadata


Metadata is extra non-critical information about the main contents of a file, or about the circumstances in which a file was created, etc.

Many, many formats contain data that could be considered to be metadata, but this page is only concerned with dedicated metadata formats which, for one reason or another, are best documented as separate formats.

Metadata is a great thing to have for publicly-available files, but there's a sinister side to it too... it's come out lately that all sorts of people are snooping into the metadata of your life (such as who you're calling or e-mailing), and this can reveal a lot about you.

Articles about individual metadata elements are usually listed in Elements of File Formats, instead of here.


Metadata formats

Metadata subcategories in other formats

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