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Let's Document all the File Formats!

Floppy disk or bar code, ZIP or GIF or DBF or DOC, Windows Registry or Commodore BASIC... if it holds data, it's probably documented here.

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How Do You Find Information on File Formats Here?
(Hint: Start Here)

As with all living websites, this one is perpetually under construction, so a lot of the focus has been on editors wishing to participate; but if you're coming here as an end-user looking for information on some files, disks, tapes, or other data you've stumbled upon, there may be information of use. You can try navigating the hierarchy of data types at File Formats (which, despite the name, includes a bunch of other things like physical media formats). Or, if you found a file and don't know what it is, but at least it's got a file extension (those letters at the end of the filename after a dot), you might try browsing the file formats by extension category. Good luck!

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