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File Format
Name MacGurmukhi
IANA aliases x-mac-gurmukhi
CFStringEncoding 10

MacGurmukhi is a character encoding used on classic Mac OS. It encodes characters used in the Gurmukhi script, which is one way of wriiting the Punjabi language spoken in the state of Punjab, India. ASCII characters are in the lower half of the 8-bit encoding. Character D5 corresponds to a combination of two Unicode code points, one of which is a private-use character not standardized in Unicode, while character E8 is used in the two-byte sequences E8 E8 and E8 E9, which combine the Gurmukhi sign Virama with zero-width non-joiner and joiner respectively. A number of other code positions are unassigned.

See Macintosh encodings for related encodings.

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