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== Software ==
== Software ==
* [[ImageMagick]]
* [[ImageMagick]]
* [[XnView]]
== Sample files ==
* https://telparia.com/fileFormatSamples/image/miff/
== Links ==
== Links ==
* {{EGFF|miff|MIFF File Format Summary}}, from the [[Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats]]
* {{EGFF|miff|MIFF File Format Summary}}, from the [[Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats]]

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File Format
Extension(s) .miff, .mif
PRONOM fmt/930

Magick Image File Format (MIFF) is a raster image file format associated with the image processing software ImageMagick. It was originally named Machine Independent File Format.

It is designed to support all of the metadata and pixel formats supported internally by ImageMagick. For example, it supports floating-point samples and high dynamic range.

There is no formal MIFF specification. Each copy of the ImageMagick software includes a copy of the MIFF documentation, and each new version of ImageMagick may add new features to the format.

Despite the potential instability and ambiguity of the format, it is portable enough to be usable by other applications. But it is primarily useful for temporary files, and should probably be avoided for long term storage or public distribution.

See also Magick Persistent Cache.


[edit] Identification

MIFF files usually begin with "id=ImageMagick". This is recommended so that programs like file can easily identify such files. However, there are also examples in which this combination appears in a different capitalization, such as "Id=ImageMagick". Furthermore there exist also examples like in the Encyclopedia of Graphic File Formats, where this phrase does not appear at the beginning but later. Such examples usually start with a comment that is introduced in this file format by a curly brace.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

[edit] Links

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