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Konvertor is a multimedia viewer and format converter. It is closed source, but free for commercial and non-commercial use. Konvertor is only for Microsoft Windows (7/8/10).

Konvertor supports a very large number of image/music/video/text/3d/archive formats (4000+).

Konvertor uses the following third-party programs and libraries (the list may be incomplete):

  • dcraw (support for Camera RAW formats)
  • Rawzor
  • ffmpeg (support for audio and video formats)
  • mplayer
  • imagemagick
  • bmf (.BMF support)
  • BpgDec (.BPG support)
  • Bio-Formats
  • NConvert
  • BioImageConvertor
  • asapconv
  • packARC
  • packJPG
  • packPNM
  • BifsConv
  • 7zip (support for archives)
  • openjp2 (.JP2 support)
  • FLIF (.FLIF support)
  • FreeImage (library)
  • CAD Image DLL (library)
  • uniconvertor

It seems most (if not all) of formats are supported by third parties and Konvertor on it's own cannot read/write almost anything.

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