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* [ Jeskola Buzz Wiki]
* [ Jeskola Buzz Wiki]
* [[Wikipedia:Jeskola Buzz|Wikipedia article]]
* [[Wikipedia:Jeskola Buzz|Wikipedia article]]
* [ 6 machines you use the most]

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File Format
Name Jeskola Buzz machine
Extension(s) .dll
Wikidata ID Q164265
Released 1997

A Jeskola Buzz machine is a user-created modular plug-in for the Jeskola Buzz audio software. This software is freeware but not open source; its development was paused from 2000 to 2008 because the developer lost the source code to it. It began as a tracker in the late 1990s but evolved beyond this.

End-users can add functionality to it via "machines", which can be programmed in whatever languages or frameworks can produce Windows Dynamic-link library (DLL) files, which are how Jeskola Buzz accesses them; they must be placed in particular subdirectories where the software expects to find them.

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