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File Format
Name JWL
Extension(s) .jwl

Roxio Label Creator project files use the JWL extension for making Jewel Case & Disc Labels. Roxio's Label Creator came bundled with version of Easy CD Creator or Easy Media Creator from around version 4 to around version 10.[1][2] Note the JWL may not compatible with the Express Labeler which uses Sure Thing Software.[3]

File Identification

  • Early JWL files are based on the Microsoft Compound File format.[4] Inside the container is a file called "Contents" which begins with the ascii header "AJCD" or "ROXI". With Easy Media Creator 7 files beginning with ascii ROXI 4.10 Files may still be opened with later versions.[5]
  • Later JWL files as simple binary files with the hex header "52004F00 58004900". Possibly starting in Roxio Easy Media Creator 8, as they contain the ascii R O X I 5 . 0 0 .



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