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File Format
Name JPEG 2000 codestream
Extension(s) .j2k, .j2c, .jpc
LoCFDD fdd000138, others

JPEG 2000 codestream (also known as J2K, J2C, or JPEG 2000 Part 1, Core Coding System) is the wavelet-based compressed image format defined in Part 1 of the JPEG 2000 standard. Both lossy and lossless compression are supported.

It may appear in a file by itself, but it was designed to be embedded in JP2 or another file format.


[edit] Format

A JPEG 2000 codestream uses a variant of JPEG format, with a nearly identical system of markers and segments. (Note that the container formats used by JP2 and other JPEG 2000 file formats are completely different.)

[edit] Identifiers

There is no official filename extension, but .j2k and .j2c are commonly used.

Format LoCFDD
Core Coding System fdd000138
Core Coding, Lossless Compression fdd000139
Core Coding, Lossy Compression fdd000140
Core Coding, Profile 0 fdd000194
Core Coding, Profile 1 fdd000196
Core Coding, Profile 3 fdd000211
Core Coding, Profile 4 fdd000213
Core Coding, BIIF Profile fdd000170
Core Coding, NDNP Profile fdd000192

[edit] Identification

Files start with bytes FF 4F FF 51.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Sample files

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