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== Software ==
== Software ==
* Refer to [[Cameras and Digital Image Sensors#Software]]
* Refer to [[Cameras and Digital Image Sensors#Software]]
* [[Konvertor]]
* [ Phocus]
* [ Phocus]

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File Format
Name Imacon 3F
Extension(s) .fff

3F (short for Flexible File Format; also called FFF, Imacon 3F, Hasselblad 3F, etc.) is a raw image format produced by some Imacon and Hasselblad scanners and digital cameras.

It is based on TIFF. If you display a 3F file in a TIFF viewer that does not understand 3F, you might only get a low-resolution version of the image.

It is the predecessor of Hasselblad 3FR.


[edit] Identification

If TIFF tag 46275 is present in the first IFD, it's likely a 3F file.

[edit] Software

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