ISO 8859-9

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File Format
Name ISO 8859-9
IANA charset ISO-8859-9
IANA aliases iso-ir-148, ISO_8859-9, latin5, l5, csISOLatin5
IANA MIBenum 12
Code Page 920, 28599
CFStringEncoding 521

ISO 8859-9, aka Latin-5, an encoding of the ISO 8859 family for the Turkish language. ISO 8859-3 (Latin-3) was previously used for Turkish. Latin-5 is the first of the Latin encodings where the number at the end of the "ISO" name doesn't match the number after "Latin", since some encodings for other scripts came in between Latin-4 and Latin-5.

The Latin-5 encoding incorporates the ASCII characters in the first 128 code points (0-127), including the C0 controls.

Code table

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