ISO 8859-8

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|subcat=Character encoding
|subcat=Character encoding
|subcat2=ISO 8859

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File Format
Name ISO 8859-8
IANA charset ISO-8859-8
IANA aliases iso-ir-138, ISO_8859-8, hebrew, csISOLatinHebrew
IANA MIBenum 11
Code Page 916, 28598
CFStringEncoding 520
Released 1988

ISO 8859-8 is an encoding of the ISO 8859 family for the Hebrew script. The ordering of characters in 8859-8 is logical, not visual; the Hebrew language is predominantly right-to-left, but there are important exceptions, such as numbers.

The ISO 8859-8 encoding incorporates the ASCII characters in the first 128 code points (0-127), including the C0 controls.

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