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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [ Code table]
* [ Code table]
* [[Wikipedia:ISO/IEC646|Wikipedia article about ISO 646 encodings]]
* [[Wikipedia:ISO/IEC646|Wikipedia article about ISO 646 encodings]]

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File Format
Name ISO 646-NO2
IANA aliases iso-ir-61, ISO646-NO2, no2, csISO61Norwegian2, NS_4551-2
IANA MIBenum 58
Code Page 20108

ISO 646-NO2 (646-NO2, ISO IR-61, IR-61) is one of several 7-bit character encodings in the ISO/IEC 646 series which are national variants, replacing some of the ASCII characters with other characters suitable for particular languages. This one is aimed at the Norwegian market, one of two (the other is ISO 646-NO).

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