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File Format
Name ISO 2022-JP-2
IANA charset ISO-2022-JP-2
IANA aliases csISO2022JP2
IANA MIBenum 40

ISO 2022-JP-2 is a Japanese encoding that is one of the ISO 2022 encodings. It is ASCII with some escape sequences that switch into different character sets. This includes JIS X 0201, JIS X 0208 (1978 and 1983 varieties), JIS X 0212-1990, GB 2312, KS X 1001, ISO 8859-1, and ISO 8859-7. It is an extended variety of ISO 2022-JP-1 (itself extended from ISO 2022-JP). ISO 2022-JP-3 and ISO 2022-JP-2004 are other alternate extensions.

This encoding differs from its "parent" ISO 2022-JP-1 by the addition of four more escape codes, for GB 2312, KS X 1001, ISO 8859-1, and ISO 8859-7.

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