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* [ Malformed servers to test your HTTP client]
* [ Malformed servers to test your HTTP client]
* [ HTTP2 explained]
* [ HTTP2 explained]
* [ How HTTPS works]
[[Category:File transfer]]
[[Category:File transfer]]

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File Format
Released 1991
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a basic protocol of the World Wide Web, and was one of the original three pillars of the Web as invented by Tim Berners-Lee (the others being URLs and HTML). It consists of a set of standards by which user agents (browsers, indexing robots, etc.) make requests consisting of headers in plain text (and possibly form values and file uploads in various formats) and receive responses including plain-text response headers and content from the Web in a format designated by the Content-type header. At least that's how it is through version 1.1, but a new HTTP 2.0 under development uses binary requests and responses instead.

[edit] HTTPS

HTTPS is a secure variant of HTTP which adds TLS/SSL encryption.

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