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* [[JPF]] (JPEG2000 Part 2: Extensions)
* [[JPF]] (JPEG2000 Part 2: Extensions)
* [[JPX]] (JPEG2000 Part 2: Extensions)
* [[JPX]] (JPEG2000 Part 2: Extensions)
* [[LSM]] (Zeiss Light Speed Microscope)
* [[MDA]] and [[MDP]] (MicroDesign Area/Page)
* [[MDA]] and [[MDP]] (MicroDesign Area/Page)
* [[MIFF]] (Machine Independent File Format)
* [[MIFF]] (Machine Independent File Format)

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File Format
Name Graphics

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Electronic Formats concerned with Image Data.


Animated image formats

See also Video

Character-based graphics

See Character Encodings for details of character sets, some of which included graphical or line-and-box-drawing characters.

Combined Raster and Vector Formats

  • fig (xfig format, also supports embedded raster images)
  • Paint Shop Pro (.psp, .jsl, .pfr, .tub)
  • PSD Adobe Photoshop (might contain vector layers, but it is mainly a bitmap file format)

Icon and Cursor files

(used by various operating systems and software to present icons and cursors; may have a variety of internal formats)

Raster Graphics Formats

  • 8BIM
  • Acorn Sprite
  • BDF (Bitmap Distribution Format)
  • BMP (Windows BMP)
  • DjVu
  • DNG
  • GEM Raster
  • GeoTIFF
  • GIF (graphical interchange format; also used in animated form)
  • OS/2 BMP (different from Windows BMP)
  • IFF (ILBM)
  • ITHMB (iOS thumbnail images)
  • J2K (JPEG2000 code stream)
  • JIF
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • JP2 (JPEG2000 Part 1: Core Coding System)
  • JPC (JPEG2000 code stream)
  • JPF (JPEG2000 Part 2: Extensions)
  • JPX (JPEG2000 Part 2: Extensions)
  • LSM (Zeiss Light Speed Microscope)
  • MDA and MDP (MicroDesign Area/Page)
  • MIFF (Machine Independent File Format)
  • MrSID
  • NEF
  • PCX (PC Paintbrush)
  • PICT
  • PICtor file format (.pic; used by PCPaint and other ancient DOS software)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • Postscript (.ps)
  • RFF (Dore Raster File Format)
  • RLE (Run-Length Encoded BMP)
  • TGA Truevision Targa image
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

Skin files

[used in various programs to change user-interface backgrounds, etc.]

Vector Graphics Formats



  • Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats[1]
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