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== Metadata Formats ==
== Metadata Formats ==
* [[AFCP]]
* [[Exif]]
* [[Exif]]
* [[IPTC]] (or NAA)
* [[IPTC]] (or NAA)

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File Format
Name Graphics

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Electronic Formats concerned with Image Data.

See also:

Other lists of formats:


[edit] Animated image formats

See also Video.

[edit] Character-based graphics

See Character encoding for details of character sets, some of which include graphical or line-and-box-drawing characters.

[edit] Colors

(Profiles, color spaces, palettes, swatches)

[edit] Compression

Special-purpose compression algorithms and formats that may be used in multiple image file formats.

See also Compression, for general-purpose algorithms.

[edit] Icon, Cursor, and Avatar files

(Formats often used for icons, cursors, avatars, thumbnails, etc.)

[edit] Metadata Formats

[edit] Online/Networked Formats

(while any image format can be used online and through a network, these are specifically designed to be accessed remotely via an API)

[edit] Programming languages

(Graphic-specific programming languages)

[edit] Raster Graphics Formats

[edit] Skins / Themes

(Used to give custom styles, appearances, and themes to software; might be bundled with Icon, Cursor, and Avatar files consistent with the theme)

[edit] Software

(Applications, utilities, libraries, and APIs for graphic manipulation)

Refer to Graphics software.

[edit] Vector Graphics Formats

(Including most "metafile" formats. Vector formats often support embedded raster images, and other objects that aren't actually vectors.)

See also:

[edit] Miscellaneous or Uncategorized

(Formats which don't fit into another category, or still need to be categorized)

[edit] Links and Resources

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