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(Vector Graphics Formats)
(Vector Graphics Formats)
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* [[Haiku Vector Icon Format]]
* [[Haiku Vector Icon Format]]
* [[Harvard Graphics]]
* [[Harvard Graphics]]
* [[In-A-Vision]] (.pic)
* [[Lotus 1-2-3 Chart]] (.pic)
* [[Lotus 1-2-3 Chart]] (.pic)
* [[MacDraw]] (later ClarisDraw)
* [[MacDraw]] (later ClarisDraw)

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File Format
Name Graphics

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Electronic Formats concerned with Image Data.

See also:

Other lists of formats:


Animated image formats

See also Video.

Other image formats supporting animation, but not usually thought of as animation formats, include AVIF, HEIF, JPEG XL, JPX, and WebP.

Character-based graphics

See Character encoding for details of character sets, some of which include graphical or line-and-box-drawing characters.


(Profiles, color spaces, palettes, swatches)


Graphics compression algorithms, special-purpose compressed graphics formats, etc.

See also Compression, for general-purpose algorithms.

Icon, Cursor, and Avatar files

(Formats often used for icons, cursors, avatars, thumbnails, etc.)

Metadata Formats

Online/Networked Formats

(while any image format can be used online and through a network, these are specifically designed to be accessed remotely via an API)

Programming languages

(Graphic-specific programming languages)

Raster Graphics Formats

Skins / Themes

(Used to give custom styles, appearances, and themes to software; might be bundled with Icon, Cursor, and Avatar files consistent with the theme)


(Applications, utilities, libraries, and APIs for graphic manipulation)

Refer to Graphics software.

Vector Graphics Formats

(Including most "metafile" formats. Vector formats often support embedded raster images, and other objects that aren't actually vectors.)

See also:

Miscellaneous or Uncategorized

(Formats which don't fit into another category, or still need to be categorized)

Links and Resources

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