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* Lego Island
* Lego Island
** [[Lego Island World Database]] (.wdb)
** [[Lego Island World Database]] (.wdb)
* Magic & Mayhem
** [[Magic & Mayhem sprites file]]
* Mario Kart Wii
* Mario Kart Wii
** [[Wii BRFNT]]
** [[Wii BRFNT]]

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File Format
Name Game data files




Many popular games use proprietary file formats to store their assets. These include custom image, sound and video formats and custom archive formats. There is no way that all of these can be enumerated here in some way or another. And as long as the games can still be run by an Emulator it's not that much of a deal. However, a lot of work has been put into deciphering, decrypting and hacking these files, and that work should be preserved.

See also: Interactive Fiction for data formats related to text adventure games, Puzzles for puzzle-game files, and Saved Games for data saved by games to store a player's game status.


  • Xentax Wiki
  • ReWiki
  • QuickBMS, a tool suite to describe archives in an abstract BASIC-like language, and lots of scripts for even more games

General Game Formats

This section details formats such as Interplay ACM and Unreal Music Format which are used in a number of games.

Audio / Music


  • Infinity Engine
  • NetImmerse / Gamebryo Engine

Individual Game Formats

This section details formats which are specific to a single game (or perhaps a game series), such as God of Thunder Music Format.

Game hints

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