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File Format
Name Fossil checkout database
Released 2006[1]

The version control software Fossil separates the working directory, where edits to the version-controlled data are made, and the repository, where version history is kept; this is different from systems like Git, where the database with version history is a subdirectory of the working directory. As such, metadata about the working directory is not stored in the repository, and instead in a file called the "checkout database", which does reside in the working directory. The checkout database is (like the repository database) SQLite-based, and it has the name "_FOSSIL_" or ".fslckout"[2]. A Fossil command will look for the checkout database by moving up towards the filesystem root and checking for the presence of a file with the proper name; it will stop searching on the first matching file it finds.[2]

The application ID for a Fossil repository database is 252006674.


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