Forensics and Law Enforcement

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Name Forensics and Law Enforcement


See also Law

Forensic images of disks and computer network data

In the course of investigations, detectives sometimes need to preserve digital information. These are formats used in this process. See also Disk Image Formats. In contrast to those raw disk images, forensic formats also store various metadata as well as hash tables to track the origin of data and ensure it is not altered after the fact.

Fingerprint data

See also Fingerprints

  • ANSI 378 (used to store minutae of fingerprints)
  • ANSI 381 (used to store images of fingerprints)
  • ISO 19794-2 (used to store minutae of fingerprints)
  • NIST IHead (one of its uses is storing fingerprint images)
  • WSQ (used to store images of fingerprints)


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