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| subcat=Databases
| subcat=Databases
|extensions={{ext|nfo}}, {{ext|sdw}}, {{ext|fff}}, {{ext|def}}
|extensions={{ext|nfo}}, {{ext|sdw}}, {{ext|fff}}, {{ext|def}}
|pronom={{PRONOM| fmt/1157}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1158}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1159}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1160}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1161}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1162}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1163}}
|pronom={{PRONOM|fmt/1157}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1158}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1159}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1160}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1161}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1162}}, {{PRONOM|fmt/1163}}

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File Format
Name Folio Infobase
Extension(s) .nfo, .sdw, .fff, .def
PRONOM fmt/1157, fmt/1158, fmt/1159, fmt/1160, fmt/1161, fmt/1162, fmt/1163
Released 1988

Folio is a software product which allows the creation of an "InfoBase" or Informational Database, Content Management Publishing or Indexing platform. Developed by Folio Corporation, software is currently owned by Rocket Software.

Format Identification

  • NFO versions 1 & 2 will have “Copyright Folio Corp” within file structure.
  • NFO version 3 will have "03 00" at offset 218
  • NFO version 4 will have "04 00" at offset 224

NFO files can have password or other DRM protection. Shadow files, .SDW, are used for rights management, custom user notes and when the file is locked during use. The .FFF Flat File Format is a SGMLish marked up data, used as a exchange format for exporting.


NFO files are created and edited with the Folio Builder application, while viewing the file is usually with the Folio Views software package, typically bundled with a CD-ROM title.

Folio Flat File to XML/HTML/Lucene conversion framework


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