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Software > File viewing and editing software

To see what is in a file, and possibly to modify it, various sorts of software can be used, ranging from raw binary editors/viewers to programs that perform more sophisticated analysis. File creation software will usually edit existing files as well, and File rendering/interaction software will display them in various ways.

General files

  • Synalyze It [1] and Hexinator [2] are programs (related to one another) that can do raw binary/hexadecimal viewing and editing of files, but also parse them using grammar files to analyze various file formats.
  • Okteta [3] is an open source hex editor by the KDE project. It supports also parsing via Okteta grammar file to analyze various file formats.

Specialized data types

  • SleepyHead [4] (views data from CPAP and related devices for treatment of sleep apnea)
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