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* https://samples.libav.org/fli-flc/
* https://samples.libav.org/fli-flc/
* {{CdTextfilesURL|animfestival/ANIMATE/}}
* {{CdTextfilesURL|animfestival/ANIMATE/}}
* https://telparia.com/fileFormatSamples/video/ → *.FLI, *.FLC
== Links ==
== Links ==

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File Format
Extension(s) .fli, .flc, .flh, .flt, .cel, .flx
PRONOM x-fmt/154, fmt/298
Wikidata ID Q5426535
Released 1989

FLIC (also known as FLI/FLC, FLI, or FLC) is a family of animation formats associated with Autodesk Animator. Many early 3D animations are in this format. Its features are similar to those of animated GIF.

The basic format is relatively simple, though it has been extended in ways that can make it more complex.


[edit] Versions

There are two main versions of the format:

  • Original format, usually called FLI. Limited to 320×200 pixels. Usually has file extension .fli.
  • Newer format, usually called FLC. Supports larger images, among other new features. Usually has file extension .flc.

The terms FLI and FLC are sometimes used to mean the specific corresponding format, and sometimes used as collective names for both formats.

A number of extensions to the format have also been invented by various applications: FLX, FLH, FLT, CEL, etc.

There's usually a limit of 256 colors per frame, though some extended formats support more colors.

[edit] Identification

FLI files have bytes 0x11 0xAF at offset 4.

FLC files have bytes 0x12 0xAF at offset 4.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Metaformat files

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

[edit] Links

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