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* [[Graphic Workshop self-displaying picture]]
* [[Graphic Workshop self-displaying picture]]
* [[PIXIT]]
* [[Title-Maker]]
* [[VGAPaint 386 COM Program]]
* [[VGAPaint 386 COM Program]]
* [[VGAPaint 386 PCX Self-Extracting Picture]]
* [[VGAPaint 386 PCX Self-Extracting Picture]]

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File Format
Name Executable envelopes

Executable envelopes refers to a diverse class of files that use a standard executable format, but which were generated in a formulaic way from some original file (which may or may not have itself been executable). They usually consist of a boilerplate decoder section, plus a payload section that could potentially be extracted to a standard format.


[edit] Executable compression

Refer to Executable compression.

[edit] Executable protection

(password protection, obfuscation, authentication, tamper-proofing, expiration, etc.)

The Security section of the SAC collection has many such programs.

Some Executable compression utilities also have features of this type.

(TODO: Populate this section.)

[edit] Self-extracting archives

Most self-extracting archive formats are covered (or would be covered) in the article for the corresponding Archiving format.

A few are listed at Archiving#Self-extracting archives, especially if they have their own article.

[edit] Self-extracting installers

Self-extracting installer formats are listed at Archiving#Program/App/Applet/Installer specialized archive formats, along with other formats.

[edit] Executable documents

(A document in some known format, combined with a viewer for that format.)

Most such formats are covered (or would be covered) in the article for the corresponding document format.

[edit] Executable text

(plain text, text with simple markup, simple e-book formats, etc.)

[edit] Executable graphics

There are probably a lot of old self-displaying raster graphics formats of this type, e.g. self-running FLI, but they are rarely documented specially.

[edit] Executable ANSI Art

(ANSI Art and related formats)

[edit] Other executable documents

[edit] Executable libraries

(Multiple executable files combined into one executable file.)

[edit] Compiled scripts

(TODO: Populate this section.)

[edit] Transfer-encoded executables

(A file that remains executable despite having had a transfer encoding or the like applied. This is impossible or impractical with most executable formats, unless they are very "raw", as .COM format is.)

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