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File Format
Name Eazel
Extension(s) .eaz
Released 2005?[1]

Eazel was a Windows compression program. It advertised support for its own format, with the extension ".eaz", which it heavily implied to be proprietary; however, this is actually just ZIP, or, at any rate, a variant thereof which seems to be functionally indistinguishable when reading. At some point before version 3.01[2] (date unknown), "EAZ" was dropped, and the program itself seems to have become a frontend for 7-Zip (more likely is that this occured upon the introduction of versions 2.0 or 3.0, in 2010-2011[3] or 2012[4], respectively; however, no working copies of these seems to be available online); Eazel itself entirely stopped being updated in 2014[5].

Eazel is capable of producing and opening self-extracting archives.



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